Gurdjieff’s Teaching in the Groups of Willem A. Nyland

G I Gurdjieff
Georges Gurdjieff

G.I. Gurdjieff devoted his life to finding the real reasons for man’s existence on earth.  He showed us a method to use our existence as we find it for spiritual development without needing to remove ourselves from daily life..  In this way we can meet our ordinary outer responsibilities and obligations and at the same time address the condition of our inner being.

Our teacher, Mr. Nyland, was a pupil of Gurdjieff’s from 1924 onward.  In 1945 he was asked by Gurdjieff  to start a group in New York.  He devoted his life to the teaching and practice of these ideas and went on to establish groups across America.  We are part of this nationwide network of Gurdjieff-Nyland  groups.

Mr. Nyland and All and Everything

Mr. Nyland placed importance on understanding Gurdjieff’s own books: “All and Everything” and “Meetings with Remarkable Men”.  He also emphasized that without an inner wish to awaken and real personal experience, a book is a book and ideas are just more thoughts.  He stressed that Gurdjieff’s ideas have to move from the realm of philosophy into practice.

The Boston Gurdjieff Group

The Boston group, founded in 1964, meets weekly to pursue Work on oneself as taught by Gurdjieff and Mr. Nyland.  We discuss the practical application of Work in daily life and the meaning of our experience so as to better understand what life is and why, really we are here on Earth.

Our group is dedicated to the remarkable legacy that Gurdjieff left us.

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